Diesel / Gasoline / LPG / Milk Tanker

  • Diesel / Gasoline Tank Semitrailer

    Diesel / Gasoline Tank Semitrailer

    The fuel tank made of aluminum alloy, is about 40% lighter than carbon steel at the same volume, which makes the vehicle’s center of gravity low, not easy to roll over, and has good driving safety; aluminum alloy has good electrical conductivity and is not easy to accumulate static-electricity. When the vehicle collides or rolls over, no sparks will be generated; the aluminum alloy outer surface has a dense oxide layer protective film, which will not rust, so it will not pollute the oil, which can ensure the quality of the oil during transportation; due to its own light weight, the tank can increase loading capacity, reduce transportation times, improve transportation efficiency, reduce fuel consumption and emissions; aluminum alloy materials can be recycled and reused for many times , and it will not effect the mechanical properties of aluminum alloy body . 

  • 40,000 L Aluminum Fuel Tank Semi-trailer

    40,000 L Aluminum Fuel Tank Semi-trailer

    This aluminum tank semi-trailer is especially designed for liquid transportation .The capacity can be customized .
    • Carrying for fuel, petrolum, crude oil, Diesel, Gasoline Fuel, asphalt, chemicals, corrosives, petro-chemicals, liquid fertilizer, caustic soda, concentrated sulfuric acid, etc. 
    • The inside of tank body is corrosion-proof treated to meet the transport demands for different kinds of liquid foods and chemical liquids. 

  • 50,000 L  Carbon steel Fuel Tanker Semitrailer for diesel and gasoline

    50,000 L Carbon steel Fuel Tanker Semitrailer for diesel and gasoline

    1, Our tank is equipped with multi-channel anti-wave partitions, and can be divided into several compartments and load different liquid. And can be achieved the pump into, pump out through the table, and pump into, pump out not the table, self-flow through table, and not but table.
    2. We test all of our fuel tank trailer.We use of high-pressure gas leak detection, the tank has a high strength, the center of gravity stability, vehicle safety and stability characteristics.
    3. All kinds of alcohol, sulfuric acid, salted chemical tanker use imported stainless steel (thickness of 4mm-5mm) or plastic cans (polypropylene) (thickness of 12mm-22mm) manufacturing.
    4. Our fuel tank is composed of a power take-off device, a drive shaft, a gear oil pump, a tank body and a pipe network system. Pipe network system consists of oil pump, three-way four-ball valve, two-way ball valve, filter, pipe composition.
    5. Gear pump, centrifugal pump, heavy oil pump, stainless steel pump are available and can be installed heating pipe and insulation layer.

  • 35,000 L ~ 55,000 L Stainless Steel Milk Tanker Trailer — Food Grade Tanker Trailer

    35,000 L ~ 55,000 L Stainless Steel Milk Tanker Trailer — Food Grade Tanker Trailer

    The tank body is made of food-grade stainless steel. The outside of the tank body needs to be insulated to prevent the deterioration of fresh milk. ,adding a CIP (cleaning device) to each milk tanker . The outside of the tank is finely polished and the tank is equipped with thermal insulation and refrigeration functions.

  • Full trailer Tanker

    Full trailer Tanker

    The twin pack tanker which also called full tanker trailer , is composed of double tanker body .

    It is widely used for air port fuel storage or gasoline / diesel station transportation . The loading capacity can be customized according to local laws and regulation .

    Its loading capacity ranges from 8,000 L to 25,000 L .

    We support complete set order with manufacturing the front tanker truck together with the rear tanker as well as the isolated for each . 

    Full trailer tanker material can be carbon steel , stainless steel , aluminum . 

    Same function with the front tanker . 


  • LPG Tanker Semitrailer

    LPG Tanker Semitrailer

    LPG is one of petroleum products , the abbreviation of Liquefied Petroleum Gas .

    It is a colorless and volatile gas produced from oil and gas field mining, oil refineries and ethylene plants. It is mainly used in industries such as automobiles, city gas, non-ferrous metal smelting and metal cutting. 

    The main components of LPG are propane and butane, with a small amount of olefins. LPG is stored in a storage tank in a liquid state under appropriate pressure, and is often used as a cooking fuel, which is the liquefied gas we often use.

    Oriental Vehicles International Co.,Limited has abundant and rich experience in designing and fabricating of LPG semi-trailers from 25 m³ to 75 m³ , to meet with European and American international standards .

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